How Trees Affect Luck #Wealth with Feng Shui

feng shui for wealthYou may be surprised that although trees are beautiful, surprisingly, trees are not a part of good Feng Shui. Lareg trees in and nearby your home are bad Feng Shui, but smaller trees have little effect on Feng Shui.

Trees block the flow of positive qi energy, the positive energy that brings your luck and wealth to your home. Lines of tree breaks are even worse, blocking the flow of wealth element into your home. This flow must not be blocked. Trees around your home can also lead to the wealth element seeping out through the limbs and roots, especially if there are dead branches which will drain your wealth element away. You also need to realize that the roots of a tree might touch the beneath of your home, further draining away your wealth energy.

One thing you should know about trees is that they have yin energy; put in simple terms, trees are very good for attracting spirits, such as ghosts, and when you have spirits around you, you will always have bad luck.

The good news is, you do not need to cut down all your trees, all you need to do is wrap steel wire around the tree trunks, to redirect the energy. This way, you can keep the beautiful trees around your home while at the same time enjoy your wealth element flowing into your home.

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