Thrive! #Prosperity Flourishes!


Prosperity is a state of thriving, flourishing, and good fortune. Prosperity includes states of being independent of wealth, such as happiness, and good health. Prosperity can be natural to some, but elusive to many, but there are ways to draw prosperity near.

First thing to do, is to find what you are enthusiastic about. When your life’s pursuits are all about what you are passionate about, satisfaction in life, will come your way. Enthusiasm in what you do will make “work” easy and enjoyable, however hard it maybe.

Second, practice a disciplined life. Prosperity does not come on a gold platter, it requires hardwork. This may seem old fashioned, but even the richest can become the poorest if they do nothing to keep the ball rolling. Look at what happens to many lottery winners, they spend it all on the high life, and are quickly back to being poor. Discipline your approach to money and work.

Third, aim high, dream, and work on that dream. “The poorest person is not the one without a penny, but the one without a dream.” See yourself as prosperous and successful, and do the work.

Fourth, develop your skills and your passions. A dreamer does something to improve his life. He study, and never stop learning. Skills can be developed, innovate and improved. No successful person is without a talent. And learning is not limited to the four corners of the university, it can be done in the streets, by observation, by following orders, by listening, by allowing yourself to do a little mistakes, by taking risks.

Fifth, listen to criticism. Hear other’s ideas. You might hear something new that could use. The “know it all” will bring themselves destruction. Only those who listen to criticism and advice will prosper.

Sixth, you should see yourself as successful, and you should act like it. See yourself as poor, and stay that way. Practice thinking and acting prosperous right now, without pride, prejudice or snobbery.

Seventh, Be a fan of yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. Self confidence will manifest your action; when people see it, they will believe in you.

Eighth, acknowledge Divine guidance. You may make plans for your life, but it’s God that makes it happen. Correctly align your plans and dreams with the Big Picture, and it’s far more likely to come true.

Prosperity is just around the corner, but there are steps you need to take to reach it!

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