What Can You Do When Others Do Not Support Your Goals #abundance

AnxietyPursuing your most coveted goals, like starting your own business, is still challenging when you have the support of family and friends, but when your family and friends ridicule, or even discourage you, it can easily cause self doubt, and even drive you to give up. It’s important to pursue your goals, to make your dreams a reality, but how can you do that, when your family and friends won’t support you?

Practically, you can look for outside support, such as seeking out a mentor, or make friends with someone who is pursuing a similar goal. You can also hire a therapist or a life coach, to improve your self confidence and self esteem, but that can be quite costly, and that money would be better spent on the goal itself. Ultimately, you need to find that support closer to home; inside yourself. The discouragement and doubts others cast at you can entrench themselves within your subconscious mind, contributing to “programs” that run in the background of your mind. But you can easily and directly change these programs with subliminal and self hypnosis programming.

“The best way to react when someone doesn’t support your goals is to accept whatever reaction you have. This means, if you feel doubtful about your ability to succeed, just accept it, and feel that way. If you try suppress your feelings, they will go straight into the subconscious mind and fester, sabotaging your your goals,” Jane Ma’ati Smith says.

Remember, it’s not important to want others approval for your goals, instead, it is important to follow your own heart. By doing this, will you have true enthusiasm about your goals, and much more likely to achieve them. You have the power. Use this power to support yourself, and then share it with others.

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