What is a Subliminal Program?

A subliminal program is a highly focused message embedded into something such as music; subliminals are designed to avoid the critical, doubting, self sabotaging nature of your own thoughts. These accelerated subliminal messages are able to sidestep the critical conscious mind, and it is assumed they are captured, comprehended and implemented readily by the subconscious mind.

In one experiment, Henley and Dixon (1974) examined laterality differences as a contributing variable in auditory subliminal perception. Concealing their subliminal messages within music, they found test subjects reported cognition related to the subliminal words significantly more often than control subjects did. The experimental group also distinguised between the subliminal words and other words on a list.

The Henley and Dixon result was repeated by Mykel and Daves (1979) both with music, and without music. The results without music were ambiguous; this led researchers to suspect that the type of music used influence responses more than the subliminal message itself. Benes and colleagues (1990) discovered that using melodious, delicate, mellow music produced more target results than fast, frantic music. The music chosen to mask the subliminal suggestions contained in the “Get Rich” subliminal progam is really MORE than music; the “Get Rich” subliminal program utilizes a binaural beat attuned to a deep beta/light alpha state and the innovative healing tones of flowing water, Tibetan bells, crystal bowls and Solfeggio frequencies believed to boost your prosperity and increase your success!

Although science has not been able to definitively prove or disprove the validity of subliminal suggestion, believers in the power of subliminal suggestion claim the ability to circumvent the critical nature of the conscious mind is extremely powerful, and therefore subliminal suggestions are potentially more effective than ordinary suggestions. The subliminal messages embedded in the “Get Rich” program are identical to those in the “Get Rich” self hypnosis program, minus the hypnotic induction. If you have experienced your conscious mind resisting and negating the ideas and habits that would benefit you, if you have a tendency towards self sabotage and resistance, subliminal programming may be for you!

The techniques used in the “Get Rich” program utilize hypnotic induction and progressive relaxation to bring you into an optimal hypnotic state to access your subconscious, and change your ability to “get rich”. An ADDED BONUS to the already powerful hypnotic script- the binaural beat and Solfeggio frequencies serve to gently relax and open your mind to recieve the life changing words and ideas contained in this one of a kind wealth and prosperity program! You owe it to yourself to feel good- just relax, and get rich!

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