The Science of Getting Rich Hypnosis #lawofattraction

The Science of Getting Rich was written over 100 years ago by Wallace Wattles. This revolutionary book lays out the concepts we know today as the “Law of Attraction”. It is a way of acting, thinking and living to create wealth in your life.

The Law of Attraction is a simple idea, but it requires a mindset that is alien to many, and difficult to establish. Self hypnosis is a way to make the Law of Attraction instinctive, to make it a part of you, automatically living it, by embedding it into your subconscious mind, so that you don’t have to think about it.

Self hypnosis is a method for creating a positive frame of mind, through which you can create dramatic changes in your life. You can not only overcome negative thought patterns, but build new, powerful and positive thought patterns.

The Science of Getting Rich is filled with specific suggestions, and is the perfect place to formulate hypnotic suggestions to overcome negative thought patterns that you might have about money, or your right to have money. We learn in the Science of Getting Rich, that getting rich is achieved by doing things in a “certain way.” Hypnotic suggestions reinforce these concepts in our minds, causing us to make the belief our own. We do not need material wealth to achieve wealth, we need only to do things in a “certain way.” This becomes a reality as we reinforce these beliefs using hypnotic affirmations. Success will follow this simple hypnotic method, with enhanced words, and their profound effect on your subconscious mind. This knowledge becomes a deep understanding, it has become a part of us.

You will not only begin to increae your prosperity, but you will become happy, positive, and thankful that this is your core belief, the Law of Attraction.

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