Rich and Famous People Often Use #Hypnosis #manifestationmiracle

binaural beat wealth hypnosisHypnosis is one of the powerful secrets used by movie stars, athletes and other successful and famous people. For example, Tiger Woods, one of the greatest professional golfers of all time, uses self hypnosis regularly, to enhance his performance, and also to keep him directed and focused on and off the golf course. Tiger Woods wholeheartedly believes in the power of self hypnosis; just watch Tiger the next time you see him golfing on TV, pay close attention to what he does just before he makes his move. He blinks his eyes twice, a technique he learned while under hypnosis. This puts him where he needs to be mentally, in order to be at the top of his game. Blinking twice puts him mentally into a state of positive focus on the task at hand.

Some of the greatest people in history have accomplished great feats during, and after hypnosis sessions. Mozart he composed a famous opera while under hypnosis. Billionaire car manufacturer Henry Ford was a loyal hypnosis devotee, as well as famous inventor Thomas Edison. Jackie Kennedy-Onassis underwent hypnotherapy, after the trauma she experienced during the assassination of her husband John F. Kennedy. Finally, the LA Lakers used hypnosis on the entire basketball team, including Kobe Bryant and Shaquil O’Neal, and the team went on to win three NBA championships in a row.

Actor Kevin Costner become seasick during the water scenes while filming the movie “Waterworld”. He flew in his hypnotherapist, to put him under hypnosis to cure his sea sickness. Sigmund Freud was researching hypnosis, when he developed the theory of modern psychiatry. All of these talented and super intelligent people rely on self hypnosis, to guide them through life.

Self hypnosis can be used to enhance athletic performance, modify negative behaviors, and ease stress. Hypnosis can be a way to eliminate any mental obstacle, that is stopping you from maximizing your performance. Many pro athletes use hypnosis because of the intense mental focus and concentration that’s required. It is very commonplace for pro golfers like as Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus to use self hypnosis.

As the hypnosis taps into the subconscious mind, filling it with positive messages, such as, you are efficient, effective and positive. Leading you to believe that you can handle stress easily, that you are a hard worker, and successful. That is how and why so many professional athletes, celebrities, inventors and business people choose self hypnosis for success. Hypnosis is natural, drug free, and proven to work, if you are open to it. You have to believe that hypnosis will work, and want it to work, and it will!

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