Can You Pray for Prosperity?


Abundance and prosperity is a desire deeply and firmly rooted in every man’s (or woman’s) heart. It is innate in us to want the life filled to the overflow with good things. Many times people may misconstrue this as greediness but such mindsets are only brought upon by a poverty mentality that conditions one to think that there is a ceiling to what the world thinks you should have. Do not be misled Friend, you are destined to be wealthy – you need only to believe it and desire it to be so.

What is it that children do when they want something? Pray. We too can pray for prosperity and expect to receive it because we know we are rightful heirs to it. You heard correctly, we can and should have riches and only our own thinking can stop this from coming into manifestation. Did you know that many great men and women have said prayers of prosperity over their lives and it came to pass? It doesn’t matter who we are; if we only knew the power we hold inside of us, we would be amazed at how our lives can turn out to be.

Jabez is a man not a lot of people know. His life of obscurity is punctuated by a few lines in the book of Chronicles (1 Chronicles 4:10) found in the Bible. We don’t know a lot about him but if you’re looking for prayers of prosperity, Jabez gets top marks. This is what he prayed for to his God: “Oh, that you would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain!”

His mother called him Jabez, the Hebrew word for ’cause of pain’. We can imagine that his family life did not bode well for his future; however, this did not stop him from crying out to God for more in his life. Can you feel the intensity and heartfelt desire in his prayer? You will also notice that Jabez also asked God to keep him from fulfilling what his name said he was– a cause of pain. The last line of the verse succinctly summarized the success of his prayer: God granted him what he requested.

What can we learn from this man’s success story? Anyone can be prosperous. Have faith not just in the power of God to bring it to pass, but in His goodness to want that for you as well. Many times it is not a question of whether God can; but if He will. Know that He will because you are His creation and this world was made for us to enjoy. When you pray for prosperity, do not forget to pray for the grace that you also not be a cause of sorrow for anyone else.

To be prosperous is easy once you know your God personally. Understand your place in the world and be bold in seeking Him – you will find that the outpouring of your blessings will naturally overflow to other people’s lives as well. Remember, you were born to not just for success – you were born to be significant.

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