Think and Grow Rich Hypnosis #lawofattraction

think and grow richIn “Think and Grow Rich”, one of the classic books written on manifesting wealth and success, Napoleon Hill says that “auto-suggestion” (another word for self hypnosis) is the basis for obtaining true mastery over your earthly destiny. By gaining power over your subconscious mind, and through “auto-suggestion” (self hypnosis) you will succeed in turning your desire into wealth.

Napoleon Hill’s simple teachings literally reveals the key to wealth building and success. Napoleon Hill wrote “Think and Grow Rich” in the depth of the Great Depression, but it is the very same message that is in the modern film “The Secret” and “The Law of Attraction” books that are popular now. It’s very interesting to note that our world today is in a very similar economic climate.

One thing that is different today, is that we have technology that didn’t exist during Hill’s time, such as brainwave entrainment techniques, and downloadable MP3s, to reprogram our subconscious minds with powerful self hypnosis and subliminal MP3s, rather than with “auto-suggestion” and simply repeating statements over and over.

By taking advantage of the opportunity to treat your mind to daily sessions of wealth and success producing thoughts and imagery, through the process of self hypnosis, in which you experience yourself already having achieved what you desire, you will become a magnet for opportunities that makes you grow rich.

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