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Live Life with Abundance

Reading books on wealth creation by authors such as Bob Proctor, and watching movies such as “The Secret” can expose you to valuable concepts and skills to creating a more abundant life, but such wealth creating tools only touch on the surface; you may consciously acknowledge these concepts, and go through the motions of learning new prosperity skills, but infusing these profound prosperity concepts and skills into our subconscious mind is really the trick. Our subconscious mind is really running the show, and changing those scripts can be really difficult if all you do is “think” and “try”. Anyone who has tried to change any bad habit has experienced this resistance, and knows how difficult it can be to overcome.

Dr. Jane Ma’ati Smith C.Hyp. Msc.D. has tackled this problem by using the concepts presented in the book, “The Science of Getting Rich” (the book on which the movie “The Secret” was based) to create a self hypnosis and subliminal wealth program, utilizing the cutting edge technology of binaural beat brain wave entrainment, combined with the ancient and transformative Solfeggio frequencies. The theory behind binaural beat brain wave entrainment technology, as used in this program, is that if you apply slightly different frequencies to each ear, a balancing effect is created within the brain itself, synchronizing the brain’s internal wiring. Simply relax and let your mind go, and your brain will naturally synchronize with the binaural beat frequency. In this way, it is possible to tune your brain to particular frequencies, such as Alpha, which will produce a deep, hypnotic state, with hardly any effort or previous experience from the listener. This deep, hypnotic, Alpha brain wave state is the necessary platform from which to effectively address the subconscious mind. Solfeggio frequencies are the ancient, healing musical notes used in the harmonic Gregorian hymns and chants. The chants and their special tones were believed to impart tremendous blessings when sung in harmony. Dr. Smith has specifically chosen a Solfeggio frequency designed to “undo situations and facilitate change”, which she believes is the exact frequency needed to”undo” a “poverty consciousness” and facilitate the listener’s transformation into a state of “prosperity consciousness”.

In addition to the cutting edge, binaural beat, brain wave entrainment self hypnosis and subliminal MP3 programs, Dr. Smith is also offering the eBook of her updated, 21st Century version of “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles. This classic, upon which the movie, “The Secret” was based, was written in 1912; Dr. Smith has updated some of the language and edited some of the examples from the original, so that it makes more sense to modern day readers. She has also included twenty-six pages of completely new material, including six easy to do daily wealth creation practices, to help the reader define and develop the mind set necessary for financial success, and three easy to do energy meditations, designed to attune the reader’s personal energy vibration to the tune of wealth.

Dr. Smith says, “I believe in sharing my gifts with anyone in need, and that’s why I am sharing this abundance of life changing material with everyone, everywhere, for less than $12. In these hard financial times, I don’t think “the secret” needs to be a secret any longer; that’s why I’m putting it out there as “common knowledge”.

Dr. Smith has also generously included four additional classic wealth and prosperity eBooks in her low priced download package; her 21st century update of Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”, “Prosperity” by Charles Fillmore, “The Master Key System” by Charles Haanel, and “Thought Force in Business and Everyday Life” by William Walker Atkinson. The eBooks and MP3s are also available as paperbacks and CDs on the website, and also popularly available on Amazon.

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Hypnotize Yourself For Greater Success


Hypnosis is an important tool for relaxation, and relieving anxiety. It helps to relax both the mind and body, giving a deep sense of rest. But it can be expensive to visit a professional hypnotherapist, and we may not always have an appointment when we need to work on ourselves, and also, relieve stress. But this won’t be a problem, if you learn to do self hypnosis, and there are many ways you can learn how to achieve self hypnosis for the personal benefits to you, and your business.

Do you want to know yourself better, and feel more positive and secure in yourself? Just imagine being the person that you want to be, living the life that you want to live, the life fulfilled by your ambitions.

Self hypnosis can be used to re-program the part of your brain known as your subconscious mind. This process permits you to achieve your goals in life, and attain the lifestyle of your dreams, as you continue your journey of self discovery and personal development. By challenging and changing your beliefs, you will begin to neutralize old and out dated though patterns, that have held you back, until now.

You can learn the art of self hypnosis in several ways. You can get a book, or seek out the help of a local hypnotherapist, who should be able to instruct you and help you to develop this new skill into one that you can use effectively. Some hypnotherapists also put on seminars to teach people self hypnosis. However, the fastest and easiest way to achieve a state of self hypnosis, is to download a self hypnosis MP3 or smart phone app.

Everyone has mental blocks which keeps them from achieving more success than we believe we are capable of. Right now, just think about how much money you would like to earn in the coming year. Whatever number you came up with, why didn’t you dream up a higher figure? Self hypnosis can do your your mind good, and change your perspective to create more abundance in your life!

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Hypnotherapy to Get Your Drive Back!

DSC_0181 Motivation is the key to being positive. If you are not motivated, you would not have the will to go about your daily life. It is motivation that helps us get through the mundane things in life, the motivation to work harder, the motivation to build healthy relationships, and the motivation to earn more. Yet sometimes we find ourselves lacking in motivation; we have all had those days when getting out of bed for work seems impossible. Sometimes a lack of motivation can really bring you down, hindering your efficiency and ability to get the job done. This may lead to frustration and a further breakdown. Stop this lack of motivation now, start a practice of self hypnosis for motivation, to get the zest back in your life.

Hypnosis is intimately related to the concept of motivation, and it can help you in every walk of your life. From motivation in sports, to business, from quitting smoking to losing weight, hypnotherapy for motivation could help you. But you can only successfully motivate yourself once you have identified your goals. Identification of a goal is very necessary step before you start a self hypnosis program. Motivation is about helping you to realize your true potential, but sometimes this potential is thwarted by different experiences in our lives. Hypnotherapy for motivation works to remove those mental blocks by connecting with your subconscious mind.

Hypnosis is based on auto suggestions, and works on the deeper levels of one’s mind. Hypnosis for motivation communicates with your subconscious mind, and urges it to alter your perception of self, and your self image. Our subconscious is largely responsible for the way we think and react to situations, and if we train it to think differently, the accompanying behavior will change too. The subconscious understands the true potential that lies within you, and hypnosis taps into it. Through gentle affirmations such as “I can do it”, you can retrain your mind into believing that nothing is impossible.

Hypnotherapy for motivation can seem to be too simple a solution, however, you will be surprised at the effectiveness. Once you started this journey of self discovery, you will see the changes in a very short time. Through altering your perception of self and your self image, self hypnosis can give you a whole new view of the world. Go from being a procrastinator, to a self starter. Define your goals now, and dive into the vast sea of your subconscious mind through self hypnosis. The pearls you will find there will take care of every situation and possibility in life.

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Leading By Example: Self Hypnosis For Business Development


So you think self hypnosis and developing your business makes an odd couple, right? Let’s break the myth that business and self hypnosis aren’t compatible. In fact, hypnosis for business development is one of the fastest growing field of alternative therapy.

Many corporations and non-profit organizations hire qualified and experienced hypnotherapists to take their personnel through self hypnosis training, to increase their efficiency. From communication skills, to sales and marketing, leadership and time management, there are a host of skills that self hypnosis can improve. The end result of all this training is that each and every employee will be more efficient, have improved communication skills, and the interpersonal skills to maintain harmony in the working place.

You may be surprised to know that more and more people using hypnosis for business development every year. The benefits of such a practice are manifold. The business world is full of high stress jobs and high levels of competition. Many workers suffer from lifestyle disorders, because of their hectic schedules, and eventually suffer from burnout. This is exactly where self hypnosis helps; it helps a person relax, and calm down, one of the most important things we ultimately need for success. While you relax during self hypnosis, your subconscious mind can be sent subliminal messages to stay calm in a stressful situation. With self hypnosis, your subconscious mind is taught to handle stressful situations with calm, and it also helps you to maintain clarity of thought and focus under pressure.

Hypnosis for your business development is also a method to increase your motivation, as it works on the subconscious mind to look at the positives, and build your self confidence. A person with self confidence is self motivated, and a person with self motivation can perform better, in all aspects of their work. It can help you with basic communication skills, and personal development. These personality changes can positively affect your negotiation and leadership skills. Hypnotherapy for business development shows fast and effective results. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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Compulsive Spending and Hypnosis

young-girl-shoppingCompulsive spending is something that everyone suffers from ocassionally, and no one really knows why. Although many would laugh at the idea that spending could be a problem, there are others who have a real problem with impulse spending. It doesn’t matter if some people have one dollar, or one million dollars, they are going to spend it all. These people can drain their bank accounts and ruin their relationships, harming their future, and the future of those around them.

Compulsive spending is a problem created from other problems within a person’s life. People can go on compulsive spending sprees because they’re unhappy about who they are, they want to make believe that they are someone different, by playing dress up. They want their peers to think that money is no problem, when in reality, it may be a big problem. Others use compulsive spending as a perceived way to change their past.

If you are one of those people who can’t save any money, because it’s constantly being spent on things you really don’t need, then you need to make a change in your thinking. You probably don’t want to spend the money, and you probably may even feel a bit of buyer’s remorse. But you won’t stop compulsive spending, unless you seek help. That help can often be found in the form of self hypnosis. Hypnosis can change your subconscious thoughts. Subconscious thoughts are the force that powers your actions. If you can harness those subconscious thoughts through self hypnosis, you can overcome compulsive spending problems, and improve your financial outlook. If you have problems with compulsive spending, then self hypnosis could be something that helps you get over it.

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The Hidden Link: Business Development And Self Hypnosis


Very few know there is a hidden relationship between a successful business venture, and self hypnosis. While this may not be obvious, it is actually an integral part of every successful business venture. You may think that self hypnosis and hypnosis in general is only used in treating problems like weight loss or smoking cessation, but it can actually be used to help your business ventures flourish.

Imagine you have a great idea for a business, that is going to take a lot of planning and work to achieve. Getting a business up and running takes a lot of work, and without the help of certain mind focusing techniques, you may very well give up before you can succeed, and build a successful business.

The first step to getting your business successfully off the ground is to have the proper mindset. Picture yourself achieving your goal, and of having your business become a successful reality. This can can do wonders for your plans. Visualization is a self hypnosis technique where you believe that your business will be successful, and will what you imagine, once it is built.

When you practice visualization, you will have to assure that your plans and your visions are rooted in reality, and you do not end up disappointed, by setting unrealistic goals. This means that you may dream up a billion dollar business, but you have to make sure that this is broken down into easy to achieve steps. Visualizing your success, coupled with hard work, will get your business plans on track towards full realization.

You also need to prepare your mind for the possible drawbacks that may emerge, and to prepare yourself to the possible feelings of disappointment, once these obstacles occur. If you have control over how you will feel once these problems occur, you will not easily succumb to giving up, should the going get tough. This will only serve to strengthen your resolve to see your project through, no matter what.

Self hypnosis can definitely play a positive role in your business plans. Knowing how to use these self hypnosis tools in your future business ventures can help you to better understand how you can self motivate yourself towards success.

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Six Steps To Goal Success Using Hypnosis


Most people think of life as an obstacle course, full of hurdles that need to be overcome, in order to be happy. In some ways, they’re right.

If you are a very goal-orientated person, it’s inevitable that you’ll run into obstacles on your way to achieving success. The bigger the goal, the more obstacles there will be. These obstacles and set-backs are test your character, and your resolve. Each obstacle that is overcome, and each challenge that is met head on, develops your character, your belief in yourself, and it strengthens your resolve to succeed, not matter what.

However, when the same obstacles keep happening over and over, and failure seems to be a common theme, it’s time to re-evaluate the way you approach your goals. These recurring problems indicate an inability to learn from the temporary set backs you are experiencing. It indicates that your conscious mind is having trouble analyzing the reasons behind the failures, and thus, keeps making the same mistakes.

If you are unable to consciously work through the problems you are having, then it must be a subconscious block preventing you from learning from your set backs, and moving forward. At this point, some outside help is needed; in such situations, self hypnosis can be of immense value. Self Hypnosis can definitely be used successfully to get to the root of the problem, and eliminate it forever.

One very powerful effect of self hypnosis is it promotes the ability to train your mind to stay focused on successfully attaining of your goal. You can focus your attention to your goals in a positive, successful manner. You can also eliminate self-sabotage, and the negative thoughts and feelings that are blocking your path to success.

Here are some tips for using self hypnosis as a goal achieving tool.

1. Visualization. Program your imagination with your desired goal. While under the influence of self hypnosis, visualize your goal as already accomplished, and your objective has been reached. Imagine it as real. See it, and experience all the joyful feelings associated with that goal.

2. Persistence. Delve into your subconscious mind, and transform your inner personality to be someone who NEVER gives up. Program your subconscious mind to stay on track, no matter what is happening in any given situation. Self hypnotic suggestions can help you develop an iron will, and persistent approach to your goals, which will be valuable during times of stress and discouragement.

3. Think Positively. The subconscious mind has a tendency to replay negative past memories, bringing them back to the consciousness mind, in the form of doubts and fears. The use of self hypnosis can totally eliminate doubt and fear. Program your subconscious mind to think positively, and expect positive results.

4. Program out the Problem. Enivitably, problems will arise when you pursue worthwhile goals. Through self hypnosis, you can solve these problems fairly quickly. While in the hypnotic trance, see yourself successfully overcoming obstacles. You don’t have to see how you did it, just see yourself on the other side, proud and joyful that you “figured it out”, and reached your goal. If self visualization is a problem for you, then seek the advice of a qualified therapist. A competent therapist will find the root of your problem probably in the first consultation.

5. Pave your path. Imagine yourself meeting the right people, and being in the right place at the right time. Program your mind through the power of self hypnosis, and your subconscious will pick up on non-verbal clues, processing millions of bytes of information, and it will guide you to the right course of action.

6. Develop faith Use self hypnosis to convince your subconscious mind that your goal is already a reality. Coax your subconscious mind into believing the “real” world is really the world you have been visualizing. In the deeply relaxed state that self hypnosis induces, you can get fully immersed in your mental imagery. Really feel how great it is to have accomplished all the things you have wanted for so long. Enjoy the fact that you are enjoying the benefits of having reached that goal.

Follow these six steps and use them with the power of hypnosis and you will be catapulted towards your goal faster than you can imagine!

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What Holds You Back From Your True Potential?

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No longer wondering what it’s like to achieve success.

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If you can imagine it, you can create it.

If you can dream it, you can become it.

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Two appendixes FULLY explaining your Brain wave states, and the miraculous power of binaural beats, and transformative Solfeggio frequencies.

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Prosperity by Charles Fillmore Charles Fillmore was the founder of the Unity School of Christianity, and was active in the New Thought Movement of the last century. This book presents a progressive Christian viewpoint of the nature of God and the Universe, and how to utilize this force to create the rich and abundant life that you have always desired!

The Master Key System by Charles Haanel The Master Key System gives you a means of tapping into the great Cosmic Intelligence, and attracting from it the realization of your ambitions and aspirations. The Master Key teachings consist of 24 lessons, designed to be studied one per week for 24 weeks. The reader is instructed to read and re-read one part per week before proceeding to the next. Used this way, “The Master Key” will equip the reader with a new power to achieve any personal goal, and a new ability to enjoy life’s beauty and wonder.

Thought Force in Business and Everyday Life by W.W. Atkinson In this clear and classic work, William Walker Atkinson’s one and only purpose is to acquaint you with the means of developing, and effectively using, the mighty forces latent within you- the awesome power of Personal Magnetism and Psychic Influence. This book is not just theory-the author provides practical and easy to do excercises to allow you to develop your latent powers of influence and manifestation.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill This is the REAL source of THE SECRET to Wealth! Published in 1937 and written during the depths of the Great Depression, this book contains the wisdom of 25 years of research into the mindset of the most brilliant, wealthiest and most powerful men of the 20th Century…. Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and many more. These are the men who made the United States the powerhouse of wealth that we know it today. With easy to follow, step by step directions, this book is the TRUE inspiration for every book on creating wealth and prosperity ever since! Learn the TRUTH about THE SECRET to creating fabulous and lasting wealth from the man who wrote the book!

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Tips To Find New Oil And Gas Investment Opportunities


Many people are earning more than what they need to support their lifestyle. If that is the case, then they should learn to invest the excess in the right investments. Investing allows one to diversify investments and that should make for passive income. It should become a source of financial support in the future.

When you aim to invest your money better, then you need to find the professionals who are capable of giving you an idea on the trade. These professionals are trained in investments, after all. You can easily get some news on new oil and gas investment opportunities if you have a professional to rely on.

When searching for a professional, then it is imperative that you use the right methods for that. You should be able to use several methods available for you. In your search, you must use the valuable search methods you know of. Here are several search methods worth using when you are searching for a reliable investing professional.

First, there is the method of using classified ads. Classified ads are basically the advertisements that a person can find in the newspapers and magazines. They are published in the classified ads section. One can pick between the local or national newspapers and magazines to see if there is one or two professionals one can go to.

There are referrals worth investigating on as well. An individual can surely find at least one or two people within your social circle with previous experience with investing. Their referrals are worth a lot so you should look up to who they have referred. Also, do not hesitate to listen to their first-hand testimonies regarding this field.

Yellow Pages. It should be easier for a person to search via the Yellow Pages. After all, this is a directory listing that only focuses on businesses. The ones listed in a Yellow Pages are mostly categorized according to what niche they belong to. It makes the browsing easier. A person can definitely get information with ease this way.

Another method that you will find very useful is going to investing organizations. The professional you want to hire should belong to a recognized investing association. With that, you may be sure that this expert is someone one could trust. More than that, you could also ask the said association for any referrals they might be able to give you.

Internet. It should also be useful to have the Internet as a means of searching. With the Internet, it is not difficult to get leads on who you could hire for the job. If you use the wide searching abilities of the Word Wide Web, then it should not take you long to get your hands on some info regarding reliable professionals in the trade.

Many methods are easy for you to take advantage of when you plan to search for professionals to help you out with investing. Through the methods, an individual can hire someone who can give you quality advice on what you should invest and where you should put your money on. Getting someone who is good at the said trade should be easy with the methods for searching available to you.

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Importance Of A Life Enrichment Coach #abundance #lawofattraction

DSC_0181Every person desires to live a life that is enriching. In this article, we will explore the reasons you need a life enrichment coach and how can use them to bring the best out in a person. There is so much to face in life today such that you cannot sit back and not broaden your experiences. You need to give yourself to the real taste of what it has to offer. Sometimes people think that the more money you have, the more quality you live.

There are always alternative experiences that any person alive can remember. All it takes it to change your view of things the way they are. Before we focus on some of the lessons the coaches would provide let us see some things that you can do to enrich every minute of the day. Start by exploring your city.

We come home late carrying other duties home, and technology has taken the better part of our living. We got to understand that relationships should always come first and other things later. If we fail to understand the essence of life, we fall into depression and other diseases that shorten our living.

There are sites that offer good resources that would help you locate some of the best places in your locality. To avoid getting into debt make sure you live within your means. If you do not want to get bored, you should take a friend with you or a family member that can make the time worth it.

Depending on your work schedule set time out with your friends and family and get a quality event that meets your lifestyle. If you have to take a walk take it around the city and enjoy places that you have never gone before. On the same note, we might be living in a place for many years yet there are some areas that we are yet to explore. Us the applications that are on the internet to discover interesting places within your locality.

If you are to live longer and fulfilled then, you must make yourself more compassionate than critical to other people. You should also have the capacity to listen to your inner self and that of other people. We are social beings such that if we have a cordial relationship with other people we will enjoy our time on earth.

Forgiving should be your top priority because you cannot control everything. People that tend to give more tend to receive more than those that love to keep to themselves. The coaches will keep you on toes to understand that we are in a journey and not a destination. If you raise your expectations, so much you will always get hurt when you fail to meet them.

On the same note, it is important that we set expectations that are realistic. There is a tendency that people have a lot of expectations on things that they can never control. The problem is because we see that other people are indebted to us, which is wrong. We should be the masters of our own destiny. Enjoy each time without becoming a robot and make perfectionism your enemy.

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