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Live Life with Abundance

Reading books on wealth creation by authors such as Bob Proctor, and watching movies such as “The Secret” can expose you to valuable concepts and skills to creating a more abundant life, but such wealth creating tools only touch on the surface; you may consciously acknowledge these concepts, and go through the motions of learning new prosperity skills, but infusing these profound prosperity concepts and skills into our subconscious mind is really the trick. Our subconscious mind is really running the show, and changing those scripts can be really difficult if all you do is “think” and “try”. Anyone who has tried to change any bad habit has experienced this resistance, and knows how difficult it can be to overcome.

Dr. Jane Ma’ati Smith C.Hyp. Msc.D. has tackled this problem by using the concepts presented in the book, “The Science of Getting Rich” (the book on which the movie “The Secret” was based) to create a self hypnosis and subliminal wealth program, utilizing the cutting edge technology of binaural beat brain wave entrainment, combined with the ancient and transformative Solfeggio frequencies. The theory behind binaural beat brain wave entrainment technology, as used in this program, is that if you apply slightly different frequencies to each ear, a balancing effect is created within the brain itself, synchronizing the brain’s internal wiring. Simply relax and let your mind go, and your brain will naturally synchronize with the binaural beat frequency. In this way, it is possible to tune your brain to particular frequencies, such as Alpha, which will produce a deep, hypnotic state, with hardly any effort or previous experience from the listener. This deep, hypnotic, Alpha brain wave state is the necessary platform from which to effectively address the subconscious mind. Solfeggio frequencies are the ancient, healing musical notes used in the harmonic Gregorian hymns and chants. The chants and their special tones were believed to impart tremendous blessings when sung in harmony. Dr. Smith has specifically chosen a Solfeggio frequency designed to “undo situations and facilitate change”, which she believes is the exact frequency needed to”undo” a “poverty consciousness” and facilitate the listener’s transformation into a state of “prosperity consciousness”.

In addition to the cutting edge, binaural beat, brain wave entrainment self hypnosis and subliminal MP3 programs, Dr. Smith is also offering the eBook of her updated, 21st Century version of “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles. This classic, upon which the movie, “The Secret” was based, was written in 1912; Dr. Smith has updated some of the language and edited some of the examples from the original, so that it makes more sense to modern day readers. She has also included twenty-six pages of completely new material, including six easy to do daily wealth creation practices, to help the reader define and develop the mind set necessary for financial success, and three easy to do energy meditations, designed to attune the reader’s personal energy vibration to the tune of wealth.

Dr. Smith says, “I believe in sharing my gifts with anyone in need, and that’s why I am sharing this abundance of life changing material with everyone, everywhere, for less than $12. In these hard financial times, I don’t think “the secret” needs to be a secret any longer; that’s why I’m putting it out there as “common knowledge”.

Dr. Smith has also generously included four additional classic wealth and prosperity eBooks in her low priced download package; her 21st century update of Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”, “Prosperity” by Charles Fillmore, “The Master Key System” by Charles Haanel, and “Thought Force in Business and Everyday Life” by William Walker Atkinson. The eBooks and MP3s are also available as paperbacks and CDs on the website, and also popularly available on Amazon.

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Self Hypnosis And Success


Do you like yourself, but you would just like to be a little better you? Do you wish that you had the drive and motivation to achieve your goals? Do you wish you could feel more confident and secure in your sense of self? How great would it be to be an achiever, and a pioneer? Just imagine being the person that you really want to be, living the life that you want to live, the life of your dreams. If you could achieve all this right now, would you? Of course you would!

As a person who practices self hypnosis for your own benefit and achievement, some of your biggest and best ideas both in business and personal life will come from your time working on yourself with self hypnosis. In fact, your overall success is very much dependent on all the time that you take to work on yourself. Self hypnosis is really an amazing tool to create self made success.

Hypnosis and self hypnosis can be used to easily reprogram the part of your brain that is refered to as your subconscious mind. This ultimately allows you to achieve your desired goals in life, and attain the lifestyle of your dreams. As you continue your journey of self discovery and personal development, changing and challenging your beliefs you will really begin to clear out old and unwanted barriers, that have held you back, until now.

You can learn the art of self hypnosis by getting a book, or seeking the help of a hypnotherapist who should be more than happy to teach you and help you to develop this new skill into one that you can use effectively. Better yet, you can also download an inexpensive MP3 or smart phone app, so you can get started on the road to your dreams right now.

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Improving Your Sales With Self Hypnosis

salesWorking in the world of sales is tough, with high levels of competition. If you have a career in sales, hypnosis can help. Since many people never consider using hypnosis to advance their career, you will have a definite edge. Being in sales is all about building a belief system, the right attitude, and the key is learning how to be more influential and persuasive. Hypnosis is a very powerful tool that can help you increase these traits, thus giving you a better opportunity for career growth.

The exciting thing about using hypnosis to improve sales, is that the results are often immediate. Self hypnosis can teach you how to develop a special aura, so that when you walk into a business, people notice your presence, and pay attention to what you have to say. This type of skill willt set you apart from other sales people.

Self hypnosis can help you develop many positive traits. For example, you can learn how to notice the small things that add up to a big difference. This could be something as simple as how well you dress, something a prospect buyer may find important. You can also learn how to read people better, so you can use the correct approach to make a sale. This attention to detail will allow you to gain the inside edge when selling your product or service. With self hypnosis, your mind can be sharper and more aware, crucial factors for great salespeople.

Self hypnosis can help you build more self confidence and self esteem. You will take control of the situation in a professional manner, not backing off when someone tells you, “No”. You have to believe in what you are selling, or you can never sell it to other people. With a new level of self confidence, you gain power and with power, knowledge. Walking into a client’s place of business, standing tall and confident, makes the right impression, and makes them want to buy from you.

Another area in which self hypnosis can help is with concentration and memory. Being in sales means knowing your product or service, as well as the products and services of your competitors. It also means remembering client’s names, and their needs, so you can develop an almost instant personal relationship, gaining their trust and confidence. With the power of hypnosis, you can greatly enhance your memory and concentration, giving you an edge over competitors.

By using self hypnosis, you can pave your future with the road to success. Sometimes, even the best of salespeople will go through nervousness. You might have something in the back of your mind, such as personal problems, demands from your boss to meet a higher quota, and this is another area where self hypnosis can help you deal with awkward situations, and succeed. Typically, with self hypnosis, you will begin to notice significant improvements in all areas. In other words, hypnosis can change the behaviors and perceptions that could be holding you back in your sales career. With self hypnosis, you will learn to envision yourself with all of the success you deserve, and then given the tools to achieve that success. sales career is exciting, and with self hypnosis, you will have the knowledge and tools needed to exceed all goals.

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Money, Hypnosis and Three Major Motivations of Our Lives


The purpose of our lives is to develop our true self, and personal enrichment. Every Human Being, in fact, every living thing, has an inalienable right to all the development to which it is capable.

A Human Being’s right to life implies a right to have the free and unrestricted access to all the things which may be necessary to assist in the realization of their fullest potential, mentally, spiritually, and physically. In other words, every human being has the right to be prosperous, and enjoy everything that life has to offer.

There are three major motivations for our lives: We live for our body, we live for our mind, and we live for our soul. These three aspects are very distinct from each other, as well as very interdependent.

Living for the Body

Living for the body requires adequate food, water, comfortable clothing and shelter, as well as the proper work for our personality and body type. Recreation and rest are also very important to our physical well-being.

Living for the Mind

Living for the mind implies access to thought provoking and self improving reading material, the opportunity for intellectual observation and analysis, for appreciating works of art, music, travel and beauty. The human mind needs the freedom for creative thought, and to manifest dreams into reality.

Living for the Soul

Living for the soul means that one has the capacity for love, and the ability to contribute to the world. It is difficult for us to play the role of son, daughter, father, mother, brother, or sister if we do not have enough abundance to share. Ingrained into the concept of love, is the concept of giving. The satisfaction one feels from a spontaneous gesture of giving is worth a fortune. It is important to make a meaningful contribution to those around us, to the people who have not been as fortunate as us. Such a contribution need not take a whole lot of money, even a small contribution can make a difference in someone’s life, and can provide immense satisfaction to the giver.

Life cannot be treated in a piece meal manner, life must progress as a whole. You cannot forget the body, and live merely for the mind. Similarly, you cannot leave the soul behind, and live merely for the body. All three – Body, Mind and Soul, must progress together. As a human being, it is our responsibility to achieve this balance. This balance has needs, for which one needs an adequate amount of money. Thus, it is our inherent right to be rich, to fulfill our life’s purpose, body, mind and soul.

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Build #Confidence With Self #Hypnosis


When someone feels self-assured, and has very real belief in their personal abilities, that’s called confidence. As you may know, world class athletes and the CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies are the types who have a higher than average sense of self confidence. Their confident sense of self unlocks the door to significant success and personal achievement.

For most of us, self confidence is a critical element of enjoying success, in relationships, work and life in general. A confident person will not be afraid to take a life-changing risk in order to accomplish their hopes and dreams. Self confidence can be thought of as a means of power.

Many people are plagued with low self esteem and confidence. People sufferering from a lack of self confidence may feel that their work is not good enough, or that they are not smart enough or attractive enough. These negative thoughts and feelings can stop a person in their tracks. A lack of self confidence can create a roadblock that stops a person from living the life they always dreamed of.

You can start building your won self confidence today through the use of self hypnosis. Hypnosis is a proven method that can help you build self confidence. Self hypnosis works on a subconscious level; the subconscious mind stores over four-hundred million bits of information, that forms our personal attitudes, beliefs, values and way of thinking. When someone is placed under a deep state of relaxation, the subconscious mind is highly receptive to new ideas or perspectives. Positive suggestions, confidence-building statements, and a direct plan to build self confidence are received by the subconscious mind.

While undergoing hypnosis, a person can form new behavior patterns and positive thinking patterns that help to build self confidence. Self hypnosis is an amazing practice, that has many rewarding benefits. Hypnosis is a calming process that alleviates stress and anxiety while relaxing the whole body. The process of hypnosis is safe, gentle and positive. People of all ages can benefit from hypnosis.

If you desire to build your level of self confidence, we recommend that you seek out a good self hypnosis program. Hypnosis is a positive experience that will enable you to lead a more confident, happier and healthier life. Take hold of your life through hypnosis.

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6 Secrets To Becoming Rich That Wealthy People Know #manifestationmiracle

secrets to wealthBecoming rich is a common dream. Having financial security might not bring us happiness but having enough money to experience life and do the things that we want is a goal that many of us would love to achieve. The freedom and peace of mind that comes with being wealthy should be apparent to anyone. The stress of being without the necessary money to pay bills and live a full life makes life difficult, at best. But how can you become rich? How can you enjoy the same wealth that so many people seem to have in their life?

Just like any goal in life, becoming wealthy is a simple matter of observing what others have done to achieve the same goal and copying them. By comparing what wealthy people have done and comparing that to how we live our life, we can find the bread crumb trail that leads to the same kind of wealth that others enjoy. What’s the secret and what kind of tips can we learn from the world’s wealthiest people?

Understanding that you really aren’t any different than those who are considered wealthy or rich should put your mind at ease. They are made of the same flesh and bone as you are. They have the same weaknesses, emotions, feelings as you. Most of them are no more intelligent than you are or educated than you are. Most of the world’s wealthiest people have actually spent a significant amount of time being poor and experienced difficult times. If you have always had difficulty with money then you’re in good company and you can change your life and become financially successful. We are all given the same opportunities and we all start on somewhat of a level playing field.

If you want to become rich, try spending time with wealthy people. Learn what they think and how they feel about money, wealth and investing. If you simply don’t have the opportunity to rub elbows with some millionaires, read books about them. Research their background and their life story. You might be shocked by some of the stories but by understanding what makes rich people tick, you very well might see that you have a better chance at becoming wealthy than they did.

Another thing that you will notice about wealthy people is that they understand that there will always be an element of risk when investing your money. No investment is risk free and often the higher the risk the more reward there is in a particular investment. Wealthy people understand this risk and they embrace it knowing that the payoff is going to be good. They also understand the importance of minimizing risk by securing some of their savings in low risk investments and only putting a portion of their money in high risk investments that they feel good about.

Saving your money and investing those savings in investments has been the number one way of accumulating wealth for the world’s richest people. If you peer into the lives of wealth individuals you will see that they had the same struggles and hardships when it came to saving money but they understood this basic fact that allowing your savings to grow through making wise investments is crucial to your financial success. With a goal of having your investments earning income and continuing to invest that income in other investments it is possible to make enough money to live the kind of life that you dream of without trading your time for money.

Owning your own business is another avenue to wealth that you will find that most rich people enjoy. A small business is an asset that also generates wealth eventually without much effort but as you build your business and create this asset you might be required to work harder than you would at a regular job. This is why your business should center around something that you are quite passionate about and knowledgeable about. Your passion will drive you to succeed and work will be more enjoyable than if you were to simply buy a business or start a business for profit.

Don’t be afraid of failure. Be prepared to have large obstacles to overcome and even to have an investment or business fail. Fear of failure will freeze you dead in your tracks and often in order to avoid failure you simply won’t take any risks. Every successful person in the world had moments of doubt and fear but they pushed forward anyhow and they were rewarded with success eventually even if they failed at first. You’re going to have difficult times. You’re going to fail but you will only completely fail when you accept failure and stop trying to be successful.

If wealth and the peace of mind that comes along with being rich is important to you, remember these tips and tricks. Think about your future and what it’s going to take for you to achieve your financial goals. You’re no different than anyone else in this world and you can become wealthy if that is one of your goals in life. Remember that wealth might not be the road to complete happiness but money removes a lot of the worry and fear that many experience throughout life.

Have you found this advice to be inspirational? If so, click here to learn more about how to become wealthy and some interesting wealth building strategies.

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Tricks To Building Wealth Easily In Your Life #wealthcreation

building wealthHow badly do you want to become wealthy? Many of us say that we desire wealth but few of us are willing to take the steps to achieve that status. If you have the desire and determination to accumulate wealth then you have completed the first step toward becoming truly wealthy. But what can you do in your every day life to ensure that you move towards that goal of being rich?

Remembering that goal and that dream of financial security is something that you should do every day if you hope to become rich. There are no days off and you can’t call in sick for this job. You must remain vigilant and steadfast in feeding that dream and doing the things that have been proven to generate wealth. Remind yourself that your goal is a long term goal and that every dollar that you save today is compounded through investing for your future happiness. Never give up on your dream and try not to get down when you have difficult times.

The first character attribute that can help you to achieve wealth it so live like wealthy people live and think of money in the same way that rich people do. This means living frugally and well within your financial means. You might read stories about wealthy individuals who spend large sums of money on something that you might think of as extravagant such as high end sports cars or outrageously expensive shoes. What you will find is that most of the world’s wealthiest people actually do know the value of a dollar and while they might spend large sums of money on the things that are important to them, they will seek out a bargain in other areas of their life.

You can also live frugally by being aware of what you’re spending your money on. Check the unit pricing on foods. Eat more meals at home and reserve dining out to special occasions. Bring a bag lunch to work instead of spending large sums of money every week on eating out with your friends and keep track of what you spend your money on. Once you become aware of where every dollar goes you will find that you feel guilty for spending money on frivolous things. As a result, your spending goes down and you have the ability to save more money.

Resist impulse spending and avoid going into debt as much as possible. While a mortgage might be something that you’re already tied into, avoid credit card debt or make it a priority to pay off your credit card debt. Interest that you’re paying on credit and revolving charge accounts is money that you’re literally throwing away for the convenience of having something today instead of in a few weeks or months.

Set up a budget and save your money for those purchases that you absolutely need. Something such as a car should be paid for in cash and, if you can find a good bargain, buying a used car is almost always a better deal than buying a new car. Ignore things such as discounts, incentives and other perks that credit card companies offer to try to get you to use their cards. These benefits that they offer are only to try to get you to go into debt with them and pay high interest rates. Most consumers lack the ability to pay off their balance every month so never use a credit card unless you know that you can pay for it immediately.

Expanding your earnings by working a second job or a part time job at night or on the weekends is another way that you may have thought of earning a little more money. While this is a great idea and by saving that money and investing it you can quickly achieve your goal, most people don’t think of the down side of this arrangement. Working nights and weekend will have its affect on your morale as well as your family’s morale if you are gone all the time. If you have a family, remember that they need to spend time with you.

Think about what you can do in your spare time that you find enjoyable which can make you a little extra money. Think of what skills you have or what interests you and who might want to buy your services or skills. If you enjoy writing then you could easily supplement your income with freelance work doing some writing. You could offer to drive people to the airport or even provide services such as grocery shopping for new mothers who simply don’t have the time or energy to go shopping with a newborn. There are thousands of great ideas out there that you can capitalize on. Just think about what you like to do or what some of your hobbies are and you could turn it into a small part time business that will bring more wealth into your life.

Saving money and investing that money is the surest way to achieve great wealth. There’s no way around it. Waiting for a large sum of money to land in your lap will leave you waiting for a long time. Dreaming about becoming wealthy is well and good but to ensure that you become rich you need to take action. Believe in yourself and your ability to generate wealth and you will achieve this goal. You deserve to be wealthy and to know the feeling of satisfaction of knowing that you have enough money to live the kind of life that you dream of. Anything sort of that is a defeatist attitude and that is what keeps many people living in poverty. Save your money, invest it wisely and you will reach your goal.

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3 Lies You Tell Yourself About Money #manifestationmiracle

photo_34001_20110313Do you have a feeling that your attitude or thoughts about wealth might be standing in your way of achieving great things in your life? Does talking about or thinking about money make you feel uneasy or unhappy? It very well might be that you have a problem with money that is affecting the amount of wealth in your life as well as your happiness in general. If you feel uneasy thinking about wealth then here are a few things for you to ponder. They very well might enlighten you as well as help you to open the door to becoming wealthy.

We are all brought up in a society where we are taught many different things concerning money and wealth. Your parents, teachers and society didn’t mean to warp your mind or harm you but there are several thoughts that most of us feel are true without even thinking about it. These teachings might be somewhat true but they are taken a bit out of context.

The thought that in order to accumulate wealth you must be wealthy is a bit of a fallacy. You might really feel that it’s only those who have money that can make real wealth in this world. You have social proof of this. You see the newspapers and you read about those who have celebrity status due to their wealth who are embarking on another giant venture or building a skyscraper with their name on it. It’s easy for them. The have money. The make more money with that money. The risk is only a very small portion of their entire wealth so it’s simple for them and it makes you sick to your stomach.

Sure, it is absolutely true that these wealthy individuals are investing only a small portion of their portfolio, you can be sure that they calculate the risks and rewards before doing so. You can also be sure that most of these titans of business didn’t start out with these great sums. Many of them have actually lost fortunes and had to rebuild their lives two or three times. They understand true wealth and they hold no limitations in their mind concerning what they feel they can achieve in life. For these men and women, money isn’t coveted or prized. It is only a method for keeping score or charting their success. It’s just a number.

Another fallacy about wealth is that if you are to become wealthy it must come from someone else. In order for you to have large sums of money it is necessary that it be taken from other people. The more you have, the less they have. If you win then someone else must lose. In order for you to become fat with cash, someone else is going without dinner tonight. This belief must strike close to your heart and you might feel that you never want to be the cause of another human being’s discomfort. You would never want to take from someone else so you can have something that you desire.

The good news is that the way to true riches is through helping others and making the world a better place to live in. At its core, the path to insane wealth comes from making the world easier for others to live in. By creating solutions to common problems, alleviating pain and saving people time, money and frustration you become rich. Just think about that for a moment and you will know that it is true. The computer saves people time and makes work more efficient and this is why men and women who are responsible for bringing computers into this world are some of the wealthiest people in the world these days. Your way of helping others and solving problems might not be as grand but out there is a problem that the world needs solved. Solve that problem and you will find true wealth and riches.

This last one you probably know by heart. Everybody knows that money is the root of all evil and most of the world believe this. Sure, they might also know that the real quote says that it is the love of money that is bad, but well all still have this sinking feeling that it is money that is bad. Everybody hates rich people. Everybody sneers at the corporate fat cat who is full of his own self-importance that he can’t remove the phone from the side of his head long enough to talk to you or me. You might fear that if you were to be truly wealthy that you might somehow change. Maybe your friends or members of your family wouldn’t feel the same way about you. Somebody would become jealous and you never want anyone to look at you like that corporate fat cat that you all despise.

While it might be true that there are people who are filled with greed, this doesn’t mean that you have to become one of them. The majority of the world’s richest people are able to do great things for humanity thanks to their riches. In addition, there is nothing saying that you are going to become overwhelmed with evil just because you become wealth. In fact, you might find that you are more kind and considerate of others. You are able to care for your family and friends in the manner that you have dreamed of. You are able to donate to charities that you believe in. Overall, this change very well might be for the better and not worse. It is greed and loving money more than people that will bring about evil in men’s hearts.

Don’t let these thoughts hold you back from true happiness and fulfilling your destiny. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to know what it’s like to have all your bases covered and to be able to give your family the experiences that you want them to have. These are only faulty thoughts inside your mind that are keeping a very good person from doing something that you think is wrong. Once you understand that there’s nothing to fear and that you have a purpose in this world, wealth will come easily and in droves. Release yourself from that burden and understand the true meaning of wealth and riches. The world is counting on you.

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Quick Wealth Creation Without Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone #wealthcreation

girl-1338612445X1YCreating wealth quickly and feeling the freedom that comes from abundance is probably something that you think of often. The desire to have all your bills paid, money to do what you desire as well as know that your financial future is secure is something that we all want. We want things and we want to give the people that we love a better life and a bright future. We want to leave something behind to be remembered by whether it be a charity in our name or children that have grown up to be strong and wise. We all want a better life for ourselves and the ones we love.

Creating wealth might not be a problem while creating wealth quickly is relative. Often we desire riches as soon as possible when the need is dire. When it is simply a dream of ours to achieve greatness, that desire is not so powerful. The dream is often forgotten or left to ponder another day since there’s something good on TV and we had a long, hard day. Change is also very difficult for many of us and we can often find fault in any plan that comes to mind that involves changing even if the outcome is pure financial freedom. For those with a desire and determination, financial independence can be brought about rather quickly.

In order to create wealth as quickly as possible you should focus on eliminating debt and expenses as soon as possible. Paying off the smallest debt first and then taking that money budgeted for that debt and using it to pay off the next debt often works best. Interest payments accumulated over a year can quickly add up. If you take a look at this and calculate how much you are paying in interest, you may be shocked. That is your money that you’re giving away every year to make someone else rich. Hold onto that money. There might be something that you can do with it someday.

Leverage your time to start a small business. This time spent creating a business and executing that plan will pay you huge dividends in the future as your business grows. All of us have skills that we can make profitable. We all have interests that with very little effort can be turned into a marketable asset for you and your family.

Perhaps you have an interest in cars or computers. You could turn this interest into a business by offering services or writing a book. Maybe you enjoy cutting grass and working around the yard. You could start a small landscaping business. You might say that you don’t have the time for all of this or that you enjoy your weekends too much to give them up to build a small business. This is the common attitude many people have and all they can see is more work and the absence of freedom. Don’t worry. The good part is coming.

Growing a small business into a larger business is simple. Investing your profits back into your business is how you make a business grow. Investing in advertising and outsourcing or hiring employees is how you go from a one man show to having a staff of skilled labor doing the work for you. Try not to find problems before they occur or dismiss this idea as being false. If you stick to this plan and slowly build your business, the right people will come along who will make it possible for you to have your cake and eat it too. You will be a business owner with and employee or partner who will allow you to have freedom that you want while enjoying the financial benefits of owning your own business.

In addition to expanding or growing your business, it is wise to invest in other revenue generating vehicles. You can either start another business or invest some of your profits into stocks, bonds, precious metals such as gold or any other investment that you are familiar with and feel comfortable with. Plan your investments to work together with your financial goals. Pick both long term and short term investments that will give you the flexibility to reap rewards quickly as well as those investments that offer tax benefits and long term earning potential for later on in life.

These steps are very simple but very logical. Anyone can follow this path and find success in creating wealth rather quickly. All it requires is some determination and stubbornness to stick to the plan and never give up. There may be short term discomfort in the early days as you start your business. You may doubt that you have what it takes to be a successful business owner. You might think that you don’t look like a business owner but do you know what a business owner looks like? He looks like you and me. You can achieve any financial goal that you set your mind to if you believe in yourself.

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Powerful 3 Part Plan For Wealth Building #wealthcreation

When asked, most people would admit that they would like to be wealthy. Money provides security and the ability to experience life to its fullest. In light of this fact, it might be surprising that most people lack a plan for becoming wealthy and escaping the confines of a cubicle and fluorescent lighting.

The dream of becoming wealthy involves creating wealth, saving and investing. All three of these aspects of controlling your money needs to be present in your life. If one of them is out of balance or not working then your entire plan won’t work. If there’s no money then there’s no savings. With no savings there’s no way to invest. Creating that wealth and capitol needs to be your first step and your primary goal. Staying focused and remembering this can be difficult but keep this in mind and things will begin to change.

Building wealth and creating money out of thin air might sound like a dream but this is going to be your first step. There is a very good chance that you have knowledge or a burning desire that draws you in one direction. It might be a hobby or interest or a natural knack for something. You have an inborn skill that once it is cultivated can and will be used to provide value to others. Perhaps there is something that comes naturally to you. There is a topic or area that you have a natural ability for that you can use to solve a common problem that people have.

This skill might be one that you are currently using in your present job. You are making someone else rich as they use your skill to solve problems or provide value to the world. There is also a possibility that you interests lie elsewhere. What do you find the most joy doing? Is there something that makes you happy in life that could be turned into a marketable skill? Maybe you enjoy hunting for antiques and this interests you. You could become an expert in a particular area that you enjoy. Perhaps you love gardening and everyone tells you that you have a green thumb. You could write a book filled with your tips and tricks or start an organic farm. Then again, it could be that you have a mind for numbers and you have an uncanny ability to find profitable stocks. Presently, you work in an office doing mind numbing work but in your off hours these are things you enjoy. Furthering your education in the area that makes you happy needs to be your first step in leveraging this skill that you take for granted. Fill your mind with as much knowledge about the thing you love and start to take it seriously because this is going to be your ticket to wealth.

Time and managing time is always a problem. Once you get moving down the path to wealth, you will find that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done that you wish to get done. Freeing up some of that time by hiring someone to take care of the more mundane tasks that you dread is an investment in your future. If you could be accomplishing a task that will make you money and you can hire someone to cut your grass or clean your house for less money then you are turning a profit. Unskilled labor is very inexpensive and while you can’t outsource your laundry overseas, you can find someone locally who would be happy to make a few extra dollars a week for helping you.

Now, if you are a perfectionist or if you simply like things done a certain way, you might have to pick your battles. Obsessing about how your lawn is cut by the high school boy that you hired is not a good use of your time or energy. Worrying that the maid doesn’t fold your sheets the way you like is insanity. Try to be glad that you have the ability to hire someone to take care of the little things in your life and focus on your goal. Maybe someday you can hire a crew of people to come and manicure your lawn or you will have a maid that irons the sheets and makes the bed even better than you do. Let go of the little stuff and remain focused on your goal.

You have probably heard the saying that you shouldn’t keep all of your eggs in one basket. This is very true when it comes to investing and building wealth. You should have different projects going on in your life that will bring you wealth. You might only be minimally involved with one or two of them but having a shareholder’s stake in a few different ventures is just good business. You will always gravitate towards one project but having a mastermind or small investment group that you’re part of can diversify your income while minimizing risk.

For instance, let’s say that you are great at the stock market. Meanwhile, you have a friend that loves writing computer code. Your friend also has a brother who is a carpenter. Together, the three of you could have three separate businesses or opportunities going on at the same time. All three could be connected and you could all help each other, share expenses and share the profits thus diversifying your wealth, income and limiting the risk to all three of you. You might even have an idea right now of a couple of people that you would like to partner up with. Let your mind run and think of the possibilities.

Breaking down something such as creating wealth into bite size pieces can help you to realize your dream of being financially independent more quickly and easily. Focusing on the skills and interests that you already have while managing your time to maximize your profits and limiting your risk by being a part of different ventures is the way to true wealth. Never give up on your dream. It might be difficult during the early days or even a little frightening but this is exactly how many of the world’s wealthiest people got to where they are today.

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