Using the Ancient Art of Vastu for #Prosperity

Vastu is an ancient Indian art, very similar to Feng Shui. Feng Shui believes that yin and yang, positive and negative energies, can be balanced, establishing harmony in the home. In the Vastushastra, a complete science is presented, which can provide the four life benefits available on this earth plane; fulfillment, money, bliss and right living. In order to make these blessings happen, certain rules for building homes must be followed. These rules explain how to plan construction to aid energy movement, and bring balance to the five elements of air, water, fire, space, earth.

Vastu was first formulated around 3000 BC. The ancient sages of India, after many years of meditation, became aware of the effect the sun, moon and planets had on humankind, and laid down certain principles for living healthy and happy. The principles of Vastu show how to cancel the negative effects these heavenly bodies can have, and boost the positive forces, so these benefical energies are dominant in the home. Illnesses can also be eased or cured, due to the influx of positive energy. Vastu for the home brings a strong, positive, cosmic energy, which ensures your home remains happy, healthy and prosperous. Even in the modern world, these principles are the same as they were thousands of years ago. Vastu is as relevant today, as it was thousands of years ago, and will remain so.

Geopathy is a modern science that relates to the principles of Vastu. According to the science of geopathy, electromagnetic energy, from every living organism, and from all particles in the Universe, has an effect on human beings. The principles of geopathy state that the presence of “distress spots” at a house can damage the immune system, resulting in illness. Migraines, breathing problems, and digestive problems are common effects of these negative radiations. Distress spots are defined as dampness in certain areas of the house, the presence of anthills and beehives, and certain types of stonework, which can have a negative effect on the residents of the home. When a house is constructed according to these principles, the effect of cosmic radiations and distortions are reduced, and there is more positive energy.

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