7 Success Secrets for the 21st Century


Most successful people have developed lifetime habits that help them achieve their goals. Have you ever wondered how successful people are so accomplished? Here are 7 tips to successful living so that you can enjoy the same life you see flourishing people enjoying:

  • There is no such thing as failure, but also don’t concentrate on it. If you see a temporary set-back as a complete road block to your heart’s desires, you will never achieve them. A successful person sees every failure as a possibility for future success. True successful people see ‘failure’ as success. Success, after all, is all about how you frame an event or circumstance. Truly prosperous people know this. An example of this is the Slinky, one of the biggest selling toys ever made, it was the brainchild of Richard James. This naval engineer dropped a tension spring and watched it flop across the floor – this observation of his ‘mistake’ helped him make millions. The Slinky is now even in the Toy Hall of Fame.
  • Make efforts toward what you really want, not what everyone tells you that you should want. Sometimes we don’t meet or reach our goals because we don’t really want them. Many people have chosen careers or made life-altering decisions that affect their overall feeling of success based on what other people’s expectations are of them. Are you studying to be a doctor when you really aspire to be another Van Gogh? Are you slaving away at something that is the absolute opposite of your passion? The secret to true success really is following your heart’s desires. In doing so, you will find special skills and talents that the world needs – and in a way that no one but you could offer. True prosperity begins when you live from your heart, and seek the fruition of its yearnings. Don’t ignore them.
  • While positive thinking is very important to achieving success, you absolutely must take action. It doesn’t even need to be earth-shattering action. If you fill a cup with a small drop of water every day, soon it will overflow. Right thinking leads to a concept called effortless action – a Taoist idea of being in the flow. It is represented in the art of calligraphy by a circle, also called wu wei, in Chinese. It means non-action or non-doing. This is not to be confused with sitting on your butt waiting for money to fall out of the sky and into your lap.   Your efforts should be natural, like the efforts of nature. A tree doesn’t think “ I should grow,” for example, it just does. This is the art of action without excessive effort or struggle. It results in the most glorious results.
  • Learn something new every day. The oldest living student is at least 102, according to odditycentral.com. What’s your excuse for not learning something new? Are you too old? If you haven’t reached 102, then you still have time. A new skill may be just the thing you need to reach new levels of prosperity. An old dog really can learn new tricks, and they can help you to be successful at any stage in life.
  • Be the kind of person you wish you could do business with. Success comes from truly wanting to serve others, not from wanting to gain more for your self. This is one of the great ironies of success. When we live from a servant’s heart, are reliable, honest and trustworthy, then all things are given to us in greater abundance. People naturally want to share their wealth with us, whether that comes in the form of time, money or other resources that are less tangible like friendship and emotional support. Humility and simplicity are the foundation of great success.
  • Give back. This goes with the servant’s heart concept, but it means that you give, specifically, part of your money and time to others. This is imperative for keeping the flow of prosperity active in your life. Have you ever seen water stagnate in a pool or river. If it doesn’t keep moving, it turns rancid. It you drank it, it would make you sick. Giving to others is like giving to yourself. It always comes back multiplied. This is a law in nature as well as in business, and matters of prosperity.
  • Change your mind. Do you have a bad attitude about people who have money? Do you feel that you don’t deserve to make more of it? Money is just printed paper after all, and while some people are irresponsible with their wealth, it is truly just a form of energy. That piece of paper is only worth whatever value we assign it. This is true of our overall attitudes about money. If we assign a certain attitude toward money or success that is negative, then we will just create those circumstances in our own lives, again and again. Instead, think of money as a means of changing the world in a positive way. Accept more wealth so that you can affect more positive change, and see what outward changes appear in your life to reflect those new beliefs.
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