Your financial fitness is a reflection of your mental fitness #manifestation

financial fitnessYour financial fitness is a reflection of your mental fitness. Self hypnosis is a tool used by many to improve their mental fitness, and in turn, their quality of life. Two reasons make learning self hypnosis well worth the effort.

First, it is the deepest form of relaxation, without the use of drugs. Five to 15 minutes of self hypnosis is the equivalent to a deep sleep of 1-2 hours. In this state, endorphins are released into the body to rejuvenate and restore. Need more energy? You can learn to create energy on demand.

Second, using self hypnosis will increase your learning rate 2-5 times, improve memory, help you to reading faster, stopping smoking, quit drinking, lose weight, etc. The possibilities of self hypnosis are endless. Attitudes and habits can be relearned, quickly and effortlessly.

What self hypnosis is, is an altered state of consciousness, that stops the judgmental, limited and critical parts of the mind, to allow positive suggestions, and the opportunity to make a deep impression on the subconscious mind. If you are consistent with self hypnosis, you will begin to see changes happening effortlessly.

Self hypnosis is easy and fun. Keep it simple, and follow these easy steps to make self hypnosis work for you:

• Make a list of goals, and word your suggestions positively in simple terms of the final end result.

• Create a system of progessive relaxation, and take the few minutes to relax.

• In your relaxed state of mind, picture each suggestion, repeating it silently in you mind, and visualize the end results, attaching a positive feeling to each suggestion.

Your may take anywhere from 2-15 minutes, but it’s the quality of each session rather than the length of time that matters. Do this twice a day, preferably as you go to sleep, and when you wake up, Watch how your habits and attitudes will change, as well as the results you see in your life.

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